why ping above 200 always what ever the server 

why ping above 200 always what ever the server


  • [GM]xavz[GM]xavz Beginner
    It could be from multiple reason:

    You are far from the nearest server.
    You internet bandwith/Connection speeds.
    If you are using wireless connection.
    Which server you are trying to reach.

    There is a multitude of reason why you have 200 ping.
  • muntherkmuntherk Beginner
    thank you for your quick replay

    I am in the United Arab Emirates
    My internet speed is very high 500 MP wired connection.
    I asked the internet company and they said the Ping is from their crossfire servers
    I am surprised, three months ago, I had the ping 7, then returned to 120- 200
  • jamesfitjamesfit Beginner

    Ping is possible not because of the speed of the Internet that you have, but because of the loss of packets on the servers through which the information flows.

  • muntherkmuntherk Beginner

    thank you very much

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