Account got banned for 32 days (Reason: Harassing other players?) I did not lol

My account got banned for 32 days while I did not harass other players for the past week to now. I sent few tickets to support centre and asked for the evidence or the proof of how, what and when was I harassing others, none of the GMs give me the proof. I have no idea why they banned my account again for 32 days after they banned me from 7 days for harassment. After my account was unbanned for the first 7 days, I did not further harass players. Now they banned me for 32 days without proofing it.


  • nfsejfnsenfsejfnse Beginner
    Maybe they banned for an accident?
  • Thats weird lol. Could it be the same person that reported you report you again after you were unbanned? Yea, it’s reasonable enough to provide you some chat logs and time. Good luck.
  • PainanatorPainanator Viscount
    They don't need to show you proof and they are not allowed to discuss support-tickets in the forum, so there's nothing you can do. This is nothing new, when my account was stolen and banned around 10 years ago, they wouldn't tell either. Just accept and move on, or you will go crazy.

    Harassment might be other things than writing curses, bad things about an other's race, country, religion, sex or family. You might also get punished for writing things like report or ban continuously to a player, spamming nonsense to a player or continuously sending in false reports on a player. It is covered in the terms.

    Personally I would like them to put a 3 month ban on weapon begging continuously, 6 month if they just do the "duck and pray" without saying anything. Same with flashing you in the face.
  • "Did not harrass for the past week to now"
    You harrassed before, it just took them over a week. Noone is banned for nothing by accident. There is no "ban player" button someone can press by accident.
    And 32 days means you did it atleast 3 times. FIrst comes 3 days ban, then 7 days, then 30 and then a permanent one.
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