Kicked from server

I have a very good broadband connection and 17 ping in-game, however, why do I constantly get kicked from server with saying server is full? I'm playing on my own server but I get kicked rather than those players with 100+ pings. Seriously, how am I suppose to play this game if I get kicked/connection error after 1 round of a match? This has happened frequently lately and it is an absolute joke that you don't do anything.


  • You are not alone in this, this happens to everybody right now.
  • server's aren't even full and we getting kicked. that is just ridiculous and now we gotta wait till monday to hear from them.
  • been over 20 minutes that I'm trying to do a mission to kill just 15 players but can't finish it cause there's disconnection every freaking game.
  • CF_LRCF_LR Beginner
    Z8Games a joke. The games been going down hill since 2015. I genuinely don't even know why I even bother with this game anymore. Ever since '15 they've not bothered with the game, except for the crates and other useless crap. Wouldn't dare spend another Cent on this crap. Games full of hackers, egys with their over 9000 ping and hacks.
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