Change email adress?


i want to change my registred e-mail because i cant verify my account. If i send the verify-email i dont get the email. Also if i want to change the e-mail i dont get a e-mail send to my registred email.

But if i do a Support-Ticket im getting an automatical response??

i tried to contact the Crossfire support like for 8 times and gave as much account- information as i remember.

But unfortunately i have no idea what the account creation date was. I just know the year.

Im tired trying to contact the crossfire support when they just send me the copy-paste-answer that some of the account information that i provided is wrong.

Is there any other way to contact the crossfire support to change my e-mail or to get information about my account creation date?

They also want to know my Transaction Methode and transaction ID.

10 years ago i just used paysafecard and bought ZP a few days ago with paypal. Do i have to give them the transaction ID of the paysafecard-purchases (what is impossible)??


  • ivan73ivan73 Apprentice
    i have the same problem with my other account
  • Are you using Yahoo as a provider? There has been issues with that provider since 2018, check details here:

    You are probably receiving a automated response since you aren’t supplying them with enough information. The GM’s won’t supply you with any of that information, you”ll need to check either the original email upon creating your account or see when the “years of service” ribbon is updated to get the creation date.

    As for the Transaction ID: you don’t need to provide them with all the transactions you ever did, just one is enough. But it is recommended you supply them with as much as possible.
  • Only nonsense and incompetence towards GMs, no one pays attention to the players. Automatic ticket answers are not considered in detail by anyone. We lose everything we tried to collect in the game.

    I sent 8 tickets without any effect, this child [GM] Sharingn has no interest at all in reviewing at least one of my tickets which is 100% real.
    Some of the account information you provided on your support form doesn’t match our records or it was filled incorrectly. You need to provide us with sufficient correct information on the support request form in order for a staff member to verify the account ownership.
    Please submit a new support ticket with enough information so we can be able to better assist you-
    stupid answers:mad::mad::mad:
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