LF Ranked Zombie Clan/ Group/ Random people that actually know what they're doing.

Anything would be better than waiting 10 mins in the queue just to wind up on a team of noobs without M4's, who either have no clue how the hazards work, leave after two rounds, or get killed 25+ times each. I've got almost 400 of clears on Crater Dawn, 100+ clears on Nightmare Citadel and multiple clears of every ZM map in general. I've solo'ed both ranked maps on the lower difficulties. The only perm ZM weapons I don't have are the new M4 and Raging Bull (obviously) and the Gatling. Feel free to rifle through my profile.
HMU in game, IGNs the same as my name here.


  • JamesdlJamesdl Beginner
    add me IGN: Jamesdll

    I'm at stage 12 and 14
  • Add me too IGN: XfireXfreakz

    ​​​​​​I can go stage 15+ and i got 2 pro friends with me
  • I'm also looking for decent players to do ranked zm with.


    M4 laser gold, Florence, many nightmare clears, level 5 zm core rank, stage 9 clears on both ranked ZM maps. Just looking to attain the new weapons, and would be great full for any assistance as I love collecting weapons.

    IGN : ArmyBarbie
  • search for clan Tyrants or ClearMore or Zombie for People help you in zombies mode
  • SzpilaJPSzpilaJP Beginner
    Also looking for ZM ranked or zm clan, know boss tactics well, upgraded M4, Stage 15
    IGN: Szpilla
  • ELKniferELKnifer Beginner
    I'm looking for people who have time. know how to play and know the basics

    I'm tired of waiting alone and finding after 10-20 mins uskilled players which has as a result the lose

    Let's go to the top together without hacker's,just with skills

    IGN: Shamrock
    Max stage: Space Junkyard: 21 Elite Unearth: 13
    Profile :http://crossfire.z8games.com/profile/26183867
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