Titanium Beasts - March Patch Notes




A Ranked PVE mode to show others how much of a carebear you are. This starts off easy, but the higher you go in stages, the tougher it gets.


Space Junk Yard and Elite Unearthed



There are multiple rewards that can be obtained from participating in Ranked ZM, from dailies to weeklies to seasonal.

Raging-Bull Buster series and M4A1-S-Red Laser
*Both of which that can be Awakened

Ranked Zombie Mode Ranks

With the Ranked ZM comes new rank designs which are separated from PVP ranks



These are different events that happen in-game to hinder you from finishing the mode on time. Max of 4 will be applied at once per week when you are on higher stages. The Stats/Modifiers refresh every week on Monday at 6 am EST.

Core Setting

This is a skill rune system to aid you in Ranked Zombie mode. These rune cores will increase Attack, Defense, and Utility. You also have a chance of obtaining special rune cores. Each slot unlocks at certain levels, you will unlock all the slot at Elite Level 30.



Season 10 comes to a close and Season 11 begins!
With the coming of Season 11, comes a new Honor points weapon and Midseason weapon!

Scorpion EVO3A1-Noble Silver and Desert Eagle-S-Champion


1v1 has the Compound Map had to its roster

Maps and Modes

-Knockout Mode makes a return for a limited time-

-Ship-TDM has Headshot only mode and Shotgun only mode added to its options-

-Mass Mutation Mode has new Mutant and Solider evolutions-






Dar-21 GP Crate


-An issue where the BC AXE GOLD was not showing the rings worn by a user-
-An issue where the users had problems searching different clans-


  • oLOGICoLOGIC Margrave
    wow i love you
  • good update

    but why u didn't mention the coupon items change (150 tier) and the web shop (Ep crates)
  • not bad :)
  • Fix the servers. Then we can enjoy the new patch/events.
  • The game needs maintenance
  • PhesiolPhesiol Beginner
    Not playable...
  • my friend got a problem he said he didnt get his KillMark from the new vip
    how i can help him ?
  • skyybluskyyblu Holy Mage
    do the ZM core settings reset every week?
  • Nice new additions, I really like this update. Especially the new Ranked Update, hopefully there aren't too many hackers there :)
  • SinfoniSinfoni Beginner
    my friend got a problem he said he didnt get his KillMark from the new vip
    how i can help him ?

    Same, i didnt get the killmark.
  • hwjhwjhwjhwj Knight-Errant
    Why not mention the crates in the black market? You've removed some and clumped so many crates together and added weapons that were previously removed and/or (pretty much) limited.I hope this is just something temporary and the crate list will go back to what it used to be. I know, I know "But people might want the previously removed and/or limited weapons"... there are some weapons on the list I want, but not having it and rarely seeing it ingame is something exciting if you ask me.
  • MOT]dotMOT]dot Beginner
    Add Expand Matching Range back to Ranked.
  • lamlomkinglamlomking Apprentice
    nice patch
  • Possibly hopefully they place another presale of this pack is very good but due to the covid 19 many of us do not manage to charge to buy on time
  • CalvinsKCalvinsK Beginner
    when the first part of this ranked ends??

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