some news from the middle east

Latest news from the Middle East


On this thread I would note some of the latest and most hot news from all across the middle east


1.About 3 weeks ago,the Saudi oil fields get attack by missiles and drones .The Iran-aligned rebel army that has been fighting a Saudi-led military coalition in neighbouring Yemen for the past four years, claimed responsibility for the attack.About half of Saudi oil and 5% of the world oil sources get vanished on this attack.

2.In Germany - yesterday a heavily armed German guy was trying to attack Jews who prayed in a synagogue in Germany in honor of Yom Kippur(the most holy day of the year for the Jew people). Video of the attack was livestreamed on streaming site Twitch.The attacker shot at the door of the synagogue in the city of Halle but did not get in as the door was closed,and two random German people were killed as he fired shots outside the building and into a kebab shop,

3.About the Turkish invasion of the Kurdish areas in Syria-there are people who warns against ‘ethnic cleansing’ of the Kurdish people by the Turks.The Kurds are the world's largest nation without a country, about 35 million people. An ancient nation, with special historical connection.Kurds in general, and especially those in Turkey and northern Syria, are the most advanced and Western factor in the region. They are the main force that fought against ISIS and absorbed thousands of dead people.


  • I was just about to ask some fellow turk people what is their opinion on this. I am really intrested to hear what do they think about it..
  • Very nice of you keeping others informed. Very tragic events tho..
  • Wow germany nowadays is in the middle east? oh we're done for.. should start to learn some arabic
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  • MrUxellMrUxell Knight-Errant
    What is doing USA in middle east? Or Russia? Or France? Or England! Turkey is neighbour of syria. Turkey dont make a ethnic cleaning, there are millions of Turkey citizens as Kurd. Turkey cleans their border from PKK- YPG which is killer babies and innocent citizens. Dont believe in the lies.
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