10th Anniversary - July Update - Patch Notes


Harbor- Team Death Match

[Elemental Temple]
In this new mode you'll battle your way through two elemental guardians to reach the final boss, Colossus.
This new mode features 4 in-game skill cards that will dictate your personal and team's play style.
  • 8 players max per room
  • Skill cards can be changed in-game using the 'H' key
  • Evade enemy skills, learn enemy attack patterns and use environmental elements to gain an advantage over your foes
  • Event Ranking - Zombie boss killer added to track overall player rankings in this mode (Number of SS Ranks achieved in Nightmare difficulty)
  • Hypo Meds and revive tokens are unable to be used in Nightmare difficulty
Many new rewards can be obtained through this mode, use the 'Reward List' page for the full list of item. Highlights include:
  • M4A1-S-LASER (Permanent - Awakening System)
  • Colossus Gauntlet (Permanent/Temp)
  • Colossus Mini (Permanent/Temp)
  • Guardian Fist (Permanent/Temp)
  • HK 417-Relic (Temporary)
  • KAC Chainsaw-Relic (Temporary)
  • Cop.357-Relic (Temporary)
[Ranked Season 9]
Ranked Season 9 has started!
The following new weapons have been added as Season 9 rewards and features:
  • AK-47 Asgard (Honor Point reward)
  • Flashbang Champion (Mid-season reward)
  • Honor Medals - Ranked missions that reward Honor Points (or MP if you're max Honor Points for the season)
  • Included in-depth Match history for all matches played within 10 days
    • Use the 'Records' button to access these new statistics!
As a general note, your Honor Points from last season will persist into season 9.

[Alt + Tab Support]
We heard your suggestions and have added in client support for Alt-Tab.
  • While in Full screen mode you'll be able to select the Alt + Tab key to minimize your client
  • You can return to the game client by selecting Alt + tab again, or selecting the Crossfire game from the task bar
  • Note that when re-opening your client after alt tabbing, the client may need a few seconds to fully reload depending on your PC specifications
[Mouse Polling Rate Support]
We heard your suggestions and have added in the option to support Mice with over 125HZ polling rate
  • This option can be enabled in the Options Menu
  • Enabling this feature will support Mice with up to 1000HZ polling rates
[New Weapon Crate]
Golden Peony Set C Crate
  • AK-47 Peony
  • Cop.357-Peony
  • M200 CheyTac-Peony

Eyes like a hawk," is the truest idiom of master snipers, whom require a weapon that will allow them to show their full potential. The Ironhawk has elevated this weapon class, and awaits a true master to bring it to life.
  • Power Improvement for Mutation Mode
  • Special Bullet for Mutation & Zombie Modes - Slow enemies in MM and ZM
  • Sniper's Aim - +1 for secondary weapons (doesn't stack)
  • All Snipers gain +2 ammo
  • Headshots return a bullet to your clip
  • 200% EXP boost for toy
  • 30% EXP Boost for all players
  • 20% GP Boost for all players
*System Changes*
- Added new character images in the Storage and Item Shop tab

*Bug fixes *
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to get incorrectly damaged on the map Compound (B bomb site area)
  • Fixed an issue that caused The Hord Namecard asset to appear improperly
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 'Random Map' option to display the wrong map after a match is complete
  • Fixed assets issues with the Aluminum bat & Desert Eagle-Crimson weapons
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Ares Character name to not appear on the character's equipped items
  • Fixed an issue that caused extra space to appear on the Weapon's storage tab
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Famas-7 day version to not stack properly


  • Here we go!

    T a s t y
  • Finally a good patch :)
  • Sure it wasn't bad update but for 250 win just flashbang huh lol we r looking for Jungle knife really disappointed with this I don't play for this season really bad .....
  • [10[10 Knight-Errant
    200% EXP boost for toy

    Who is toy?
  • fix lowering fps !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • PyrateXPyrateX Knight-Errant
    Very satisfying patch, for the system upgrades, new ZM & new ranked season with cool rewards
  • 250 wins for flash ???????? Gm fix bad updat
  • hard lol 250 wins for a flash. but ye one of the better updates. in a future update please make it able so that players can cap their fps to prevent huge dips !
  • SainzSainz Beginner
    Still no changes in the coupon reward section, great.
  • PLZZZZZZ Exchanges the weapons of COUPONSSSSSSSSSSS
  • awesome update ^^
  • EvacideEvacide Beginner
    Wow finally 1000hz polling rate and alt tab, good patch.
    [GM]Effects Now can we get uncap fps, so I can take advantage of 240hz monitor
  • Why the kick option is came back in zm and mutation mode again? one player kick another for no reason, all time. any GM can explain WHY did came back AGAIN THIS OPTION ??
  • kikan1997kikan1997 Apprentice
    This patch is copy paste from cf china. In China it was half a year ago. The problem with lowering FPS is still. I bought 300 Crates gp New gun and nothing. lol
  • cool, we are waiting to change the coupon weapons.
  • I keep getting disconnected. It's not a problem on my end, and I wasn't experiencing this before the update. I've gotten: Disconnected From Server .4." and "Disconnected From Host. 0-3." so far. When will there be fixes for these errors/disconnections?
  • Why the kick option is came back in zm and mutation mode again? one player kick another for no reason, all time. any GM can explain WHY did came back AGAIN THIS OPTION ??

    There are a lot of hackers in these modes, i came across them several times so i don't mind it...CFGAMEMASTER and NO_Cheat...

    CF also needs to implement something that flags players names because some of these hackers cant help but be stupid with their names.
  • MyyagMyyag Worthy
    Why the kick option is came back in zm and mutation mode again? one player kick another for no reason, all time. any GM can explain WHY did came back AGAIN THIS OPTION ??

    Because bots everywhere
  • VitorjunVitorjun Knight-Errant
    The kick vote in Zm, start the game alone were the best things

    and the new GP Crate

    waiting for Coupon Exchanhe and MP shop updates
  • Fix the fucking ALT+TAB system, I just lost a placement ranked game because of that ****, It doesn't open back..
  • The patch is great, I do however have some things to say regarding the contents:
    1. The ALT TAB feature isn't functioning properly for multiple monitor users, it was functioning properly in the past.
    2. Earlier was announced on Discord that the Honour points wouldn't carry over, only for them to do so now.
    3. There seem to be some system changes like being able to start ZM1 alone and kick vote in both ZM and HMX that I can't seem to find in the patch notes.
  • SainzSainz Beginner
    Go ahead and fix this sh!t, the servers are unstable !!!
  • Please GMs can u fix this errors in ranked ? I was wanted 1 point for diamond 1 and I started ranked when I joined all match players got error and lost a lot of points I tried it lots of times and happened same, and now im platinum 5 because of this errors plz fix them.
  • wish it better
  • [Mucx[Mucx Beginner
    alt tab not working
  • lets Go Ranked
  • To many thing to fix
  • awesome update ^^
  • tem777tem777 Knight-Errant
    when will be next update?
    waiting for MP and coupon weapons.

    long time passed. it's time to change them
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