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When I first registered for Z8Games on January 27, 2015, there is no security question and response details in the mail that came to my e-mail address. I can't do anything because I can't find the answer to the security question. I received a screenshot that there is nothing about the security question and answer in Mail, but when I try to upload it it gives an error.


  • happy New year
    please help me
    my name at the game is cf[weko]
    I was playing in the map of Eagle eye. There are loopholes that stumble and the protection program of the game get out of the game and I bear but today gives me that this is not true because I have endured and endured problems and mistakes and finally gives me that the account has been closed forever
    Permit your sovereignty to look at the account and look at the problem of governance and waited for happy news
    And I apologize if you starting with bad words and thank you for interest in the game and message and thank you for attention to the message
  • After the install itunes on windows 7 I could not log in to my account. Whenever I tried to log on the internet goes away and this happens just in that application only. Please help me to fix the problem.
  • VipinSTVipinST Beginner
    May be it is not supported in the w7 anymore?
  • [GM]Kanadian[GM]Kanadian Administrator
    Do not bump old threads. Feel free to send a ticket for technical issues though! Thread closed.
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