10th Anniversary - May Update - Patch Notes



  • AledzAledz Beginner

    Patience - we didn't open the game yet.[/QUOTE]

    Due the patch time, I didn t complete the daily mission..how about that..
  • [QUOTE=[MOD]Abel;n6895530]I really like this patch! It's very nicely balanced and is probably one of the better patches this year along with March Update. [/QUOTE]

    What happenned? why We can't select "SNIPER Match" for S&D?
  • I hope add FPS limit in the future so we can limit FPS whatever we want
  • The FPS issue is still present. The best example is in HMX when somebody is mutated, massive drops occur and the game lags for about 1-2 seconds. The same happens when you pick up a gun from the ground and also random drops are encountered very often regardless the mode I play. The problem is related to the hardware they are using for hosting the servers. I bet it is very outdated and no one is considering upgrading for proper performance.

    These updates are very lame, every time they push new ZP crates for us to waste money on them. The win rate is a joke and I don't see any reason why you should spend hundreds of dollars for a gun which is not even tradable.

    Also people are expecting new coupon guns and CF keeps the current ones for an eternity. Is that hard to refresh them every 2 months? Or have a package of six guns like earlier, and change three of the every month. Players would spin even more to get the necessary coupons to buy them.
  • ILLNewsILLNews Banned
    Instead of introducing all these "Stupid new Games" why don't you try to explain why every time your do (Maintenance), and spend all your "Wasted-Time developing these "Stupid new Games" --- that Half / 1/2 the Players can't even play them because of "Errors, Disconnects, Errors, and more Disconnect???? HUH!!!!!
  • [USER="18561796"]IamIdiot777[/USER] [USER="3055164"]tntmii[/USER]

    *Known Issue*
    - An client error (18_2) will occur if you try to open Xsplit, Fraps or Bandicam recording applications with CrossFire. If you receive this error please close them and re-open the game.[/QUOTE]
  • propolak99propolak99 Beginner
    Are you kidding me this is fucking bull **** i uninstall everything and nothing. When come out new patch ?
  • PainanatorPainanator Viscount
    Ok, i missed the update to trade market, thanks very much GM's:D:D:D Now i can finally sell stuff at more resonable prices, cause noone will buy 7day weap effects for 30000, like it used to be.
  • safroot00safroot00 Beginner
    can someone explain what is the Labyrinth and how can i do it
  • HuliboyaaaHuliboyaaa Beginner
    I have an idea for the next month update ^^ achievement_event_banner.jpg ;)
  • VitorjunVitorjun Knight-Errant
    I hope the 2nd Update comes with ZM2 Event to introduce the new Ribbon "Bulwark"
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