[Zombie Mode 3]Character Attributes and Defense Weapon Guide!

Hello guys! Wallabi here, bringing you a not so quick guide about Zombie Mode 3 Character Attributes and Defense Weapon!
We'll go straight to what it matters!


Deadly Tower Character Attributes


It is very important that you simply do DAMAGE against Zombies/NPCs. Revive time reduction or BP doesn't matter in this map. Since every floor is different, all 3 types of damages are requires to be at level 8. All floors have different types of monsters that take different types of damage, and some of them have alot of HP to taken them down. It's important to always ALWAYS take damage.


Since doing damage is important, doing critical damage is even more important. Even if we cannot have these attributes at maximum level, we call fill them up at levels 4 and 5.
Unstoppable Power is simply more damage against stunned bosses. Glacial Beast falling from the ceeling when taking too much damage and Persona taking too much damage before his flame breath are the only 2 examples of bosses getting stunned. Machine Gargoyle does not have a stunned stance.


Deadly Tower Defense Weapon


Not much else to say. The Drone does everything you want and more. It goes everywhere with you and does decent amount of damage for you to battle against Zombies/NPCs.


Fatal Canyon Character Attributes


For this map, the character attribution changes drastically. Since there aren't many mechanical type of zombies/NPCs, it's crucial to only put 8 points in basic damage (always), Bionic (against Atlas and other NPCs) and Human (against Longbill and brothers and NPCs).

Secret Tactic: Putting 4 points of HP will make you survive the first flame breath of Atlas when you start to fight with him. If you have BP already, it becomes easier to survive his flame breath. With this, you can delay your travel throughout the map until you reach the end of the Phobos Cannons.


Likewise, Longbill is important to be beaten quickly. Unstoppable Force is now key to shoot against his stunned stance. He gets stunned alot during the fight phase, and that's a good thing for this attribute to be maxed out. The others are fillers to do critical damage against Longbill, Atlas and NPCs.


Fatal Canyon Defense Weapon


Drone is your best friend.

Thanks for reading my guide!


  • No clue why I never stumbled upon this guide before, this is great.
  • PyrateXPyrateX Knight-Errant
    Thanks for this useful guide. Playing Tower or Canyon I always set my attributes like this:
    Basic ~ 8/8
    Bionic ~ 8/8
    Machine ~ 8/8
    Human ~ 8/8
    Bionic Crit Dmg ~ 6/8
    Machine Crit Dmg ~ 6/8
    Human Crit Dmg ~ 6/8

    And i keep wonder why most of the time in Canyon at boss Longbill someone would make 20k~30k more damage than me, I guessed that's because of the Irresistible Force, but didn't think it would make such a huge difference!. And I always thought most of the mobs in Canyon are Machines.. that's why i stick with the settings above. I'll give these attributes a try :)
  • LL_TKLL_TK Holy Knight
    Good Job explaining these things.Keep it up!
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