Make reporting easier

So many hackers lately ruining my games at least in CF Europe was less hackers. Sunce vam.... !


  • Thats why CF EU had less then 300 dailly players .. they baned all hackers :))
  • well in cf eu there were literally no hackers, with much luck (or bad luck) you saw 1 hacker in about 1 out of 1000 games
  • maybe it will change in the near future since cf eu and cf na are now together as cf west
  • I agree.
  • ... the amount of hackers can be related to online players ... somethink like 1 hacker at 100 players

    so you won't see hackers on games with few players online ...

    i mean no hack programmer will waste his time to made (or update) a hack for a game with few players online, simply because most of them do that for money (or to steal players account - then sell accounts) - but where are only 100-200 players online is not productive, because only 1 or 2 players will be so nubs to use-it :)

    here where are many more players onlline - of course there are also many more tempted to use hacks :P
  • Why dont they put an ingame report so we can report much easier.
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