Zp purchease

Hey i would like to know if anyone knows how to get ZP with visa or mastercard :)


  • When you go to purchase ZP ("Get ZP"), do you not see a "Credit Card" option? If you don't, it may not be available for your area.
  • If you mean to the option to buy zp directly with visa ..then they removed that option lots of years ago due to loads of chargebacks (probably kids steal parents card).

    Now if you want to buy zp with credit you must to register your card to some trusted site like paypal or something to verify your the real owner of the card
  • Or you can use other sites that allow to buy virtual currecy (as Razer Vault - to buy zGold) or value pin code (such as rixty) direct with credit card - then use virtual currency or those pin code you buy to get ZP here
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