won't let me run any program

i got virus =( and it won't let me run any programs so i can't run antivirus programs, it always says access denied etc etc. i run win xp, how do i get rid of it, i got the virus from gamebooster also cuz it downloaded a toolbar and some other stuff. and i cant go on internet cuz it always redirects me if i use a search engine, only if i type in sites i know


  • o_o7o_o7 Squire
    impossbile that you got it from gamebooster.....
    unless you did not download it from the IObit website...

    *try restoring your pc to a earlier time like 2 weeks back or whenever your last checkpoint was made.

    If your using windows xp:
    start>All Programs>Accesories>SystemTools>System Restore

    *unplugg your self from the internet so the virus can't steal your information and send it to the guy that gave you the virus
  • it won't let me run anything so i can't run a system restore
  • o_o7o_o7 Squire
    it won't let me run anything so i can't run a system restore

    restart your PC and try using safe mode
  • can a system restore remove the virus?
  • I had a problem like it once. Wouldn't let me run any .exe files, so I couldn't virus scan and shiz. It's some registry hack, that does that. Search it up on another computer, only thang you can do I guess. :(
  • MrShadMrShad Royal Heir
    restart ur cpu
    keep pressing F8
    it will ask u how u wanna run Windows
    put run windows in safety mode with network (or somethign liek that)
    then do watever u have to do there
  • how do i remove this virus
  • iAmWh0iAmWh0 Viscount
    download combofix
  • Bodaah1Bodaah1 Beginner
    Hope you solved your issue
  • download fixvirusproblem.exe
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