Looking for S&D players clan- UK servers


I'm playing crossfire more or less regularly for quite a few years now.

I like playing s&d very much but i'm often disappointed and bored with the general "flow" of the matches i play, including ranked games: most of the time i see a bunch of people who seems to just run randomly across the map looking for frags, not taking care about map control at all, keep looking for duels at the opposite side of the map where the bomb is planted, gathering all at one bombsite as GR leaving the other site free, not committing to try and win the round but just trying to get that one frag before being suppressed and lose, etc etc...

That's why i'm looking for a clan where people are willing to play this mode in a team based, objective oriented manner(which is the way it's supposed to be played?)
It can be clan wars, scrim, simple matches, or whatever.. not really important to me.

About me:

You can check my profile , link is in signature, (if you want to evaluate my stats, keep in mind i played this game much between 2009-2011 and at the time hacking problem was way more important than today and obviously my stats suffered from it.)

Besides crossfire i played cs a lot so i'm used to search and destroy game type and teamwork principles it implies.

I'm mainly a rifle player, but i can manage to use sniper in a decent way i think, i just need more practice to be more consistent with it.
i handle pistols decently, my weak point being melee weapons.

About my play style, i think the best category i fit in is 'lurk player', since the team positioning is often chaotic on this games i try to make sure the enemy team take the less advantages possible from the positioning and timing errors. I am also used trying to support a player if i see he s doing good at entry fragging (watching his back, making diversion, clean deep camping positions, keep the pressure on a sniper, flashing, etc...)

If you think i can fit in your clan, leave a response here or send me an in-game friend invitation, i connect almost everyday.

(Got a microphone and TS3)



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