CFS 2018 Global Finals prize pool leaked ?

So above that site which is hosted by LYTOGAME who is also the official publisher for CrossFire Indonesia (they had a relaunch too recently), I came across an interesting picture that seemingly spilled the beans about the CFS global finals prize pool for this year as outlined below ...


As the picture describes, we're basically downgrading back to CFS 2016 GF prize pool compared to CFS 2017 GF prize pool for this year with the small possible exception of 4th place which is probably just a mistake since CFS 2016 had a prize pool of 30K for 4th place rather than 50K from CFS 2017 as the wording on the site itself explicitly stated a total of 400K for the global finals ... (the picture in question adds up to a total of 420K)

Now things could change in the next 6 or so months leading up to CFS this year as dated on the page as details have not been officially disclosed by Smilegate themselves but assuming that the leak is true please share your thoughts below!

I reckon that the decrease in prize pool relative to last year is due to the fact that there will be no external eSports fund this year to prop up the rewards. This is pretty similar in vein to what both Smilegate and Tencent did for CFGI this year by lowering it's prize pool ...


  • Samus999Samus999 Apprentice
    420k? Are they trying to say something? :p

    [btw I think they'll have an 'exibition match' of CF HD in CFS 2018. Would be sick...]
  • I sincerely doubt that is what the ending prize pool will be. I talked with the guy who is the Head of Esports for Smilegate for a couple hours when I was in China for CFGI. One of the things I asked was if the prizepool was still going to be as large as last year. He said that they have no plans to shrink the prize pool, but that just like last year, they have no idea how much will be added to the prize pool from Tencent. So, Smilegate's chunk of the prize pool is supposed to be the same. Who knows how much the "crowd funding item" that you can buy in CFCN will add to it this year. I think it's safe to assume that it's going to be a similar prize pool.

    edit: If that's the "base" prize pool, I'm pretty sure that it's slightly larger than last year. Not by much though. 400k to 420k.
  • Just ignore the 4th place prize, it's probably a mistake since it doesn't match up to the information divulged by the publisher itself which is stated to be 400K rather than the added total of 420K from the picture ...

    As CFS 2018 comes close with CFS 2018 Egypt NF even closer, the information divulged from Smilegate West from the above matches the prior information obtained earlier from LYTOGAME and that is CFS 2018 GF will have a grand prize of 200K USD ...

    I am starting to get more skeptical that there will be an external funding to the prize pool of CFS 2018 this year as time goes when more information get's released ...
  • HansgayHansgay Beginner
    the 200k is the prize money for the National Finals of each region combined, the GF will have a similar prize pool like last year (850k)
  • Abel95Abel95 Grand Duke
    The 200k is more of placeholder than anything. You should wait until CFS announces the Prizepool which should be soon.

    And don't forget, the crowdfunding from China hasn't been added yet.
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