CFS-NA 2017 Brackets



We are proud to announce the teams, brackets, and dates for the CFS NA Tournament!

**UPDATE: To avoid any confusion, please see the bracket here:

ROUND 1 (Bo1) will be held on September 17th

ROUND 2 (Bo1) will be held on September 24th

The Final 8 will face off in a Bo3 double elimination bracket on October 1st to choose YOUR CFS REGIONAL TEAM!

More details on the CFS Tournament can be found HERE

See a team here you are rooting for? Watch them LIVE on Twitch! All matches will be streamed as they are happening!


September 17th:
11:00 AM EST - TimeOutBoyz vs HeavensDevils
11:00 AM EST - SetToDestroyX vs Astro

12:00 PM EST - Shogun vs Anubis Gaming
12:00 PM EST - Anixia vs EhsPhive

1:00 PM EST - Uprising vs Competitive 5
1:00 PM EST - Obliteraxion vs OnPoint

2:30 PM EST - HARABAS v BailOut
2:30 PM EST - Trix vs Xtremely

3:30 PM EST - Ant eSports vs Carbw0w
3:30 PM EST - MEN-IN-RED vs Asintado.

4:30 PM EST - iNSTINCT vs Rawness
4:30 PM EST - Chacarron vs Soldiers

5:30 PM EST - Vu1ture vs Checkm8
5:30 PM EST - Underground v getBrikt

September 24th:
11:00AM EST - Heavens Devils vs Anixia (Twitch)

12:00PM EST - HARABAS vs Competitive5 (Youtube)

12:00PM EST - SetToDestroyX vs Anubis Gaming (Twitch)

1:00PM EST - Obliteraxion vs Trix (Youtube)

1:00PM EST - Ant eSports vs Rawness (Twitch)

2:00PM EST - Asintado. vs Soldiers (Youtube)

2:00PM EST - Vu1ture vs Carbw0w (Twitch)

3:00 PM EST - Underground vs getBrikt (Twitch)


Obliteraxion v SetToDestroyX - 11:00AM EST
Rawness v Astinado. - 11:00AM EST

Carbw0w v HeavensDevils - 1:00PM EST
HARABAS v getBrikt - 1:00PM EST

Note: These are the start times for the first round. All other rounds will be scheduled based on available time. All teams should expect a long day if they want to win.


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