CFCL Elite Match Info

[GM]Kanadian[GM]Kanadian Administrator
Attention CFCL Elite Members!

The info for each match, including times, Blackbox info, etc have been sent to your Captains in the original tickets you used to apply with. Please have them check that, and share the info with you.

Remember, this info is strictly confidential and should NOT be shared outside your team. Sharing it outside your team may result in forfeiting your spot.

-CrossFire Team


  • [GM]Juicebox[GM]Juicebox Cheerleader
    Attention CFCL Elite Members!

    We have updated the Matches and Standings Pages!

    Please also note that as per rule 3.7.1, "Each Team will be required to submit their score... within 24 hours of the match ending."

    We expect this of every team, regardless of who had won the match. This is to ensure that all reported scores are accurate. Please also note that failure to submit the scores will result in forfeits.

    Thank you,
    - CrossFire Team
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