CFCL UK Pro league payments

Just to be clear are we supposed to get the money after week 3 or is this just a delay?

GM Effects said that z8 should be sending us a ticket asking our payment information on Monday...
Some answer would be nice as i dont feel like playing another 6-9 hrs just for nothing :)


  • L_kiL_ki Knight-Errant
    Got into a game with Grumpy he chooses not to speak on anything so, just a waiting community as usual
  • Already got it
  • Yes! already got it.
  • Got an email asking for payment information from us but the email was a non reply email which means that i cant send any information to that email..
    Where should i send the payment infor to?
  • BritishjoshBritishjosh Knight-Errant
    Wolves haven't received an email yet, although it's only been 3 days or so. Also I hope the payment method is paypal, as paypal is very easy and convenient.
  • Yes they asked for paypal information but I got no where to send the information .-.
  • i think the best way to receive the money is to the bank. since all money prizes i received in crossfire were sent via bank, i've never seen a prize money been sent via paypal
  • BritishjoshBritishjosh Knight-Errant
    I've received around $70 from paypal from when I played in ESL NA back in the day, it's very convenient. All you need to send someone money on paypal is their email, so it makes it very easy for the captain to send the money to their teammates. When you have money on paypal you can send it to your/their bank very easily also.
  • BritishjoshBritishjosh Knight-Errant
    They also said they'd send information on a ticket? Aren't we the ones who submit tickets? :S
  • They also said they'd send information on a ticket? Aren't we the ones who submit tickets? :S

    not necessarily. The ticket will be added to ur account by the gm's. all u have to do is check ur support tickets. idk if the ticket has been sent yet but would check it from time to time.
  • BritishjoshBritishjosh Knight-Errant
    Yeah I've been checking and thanks for clarifying.
  • Ye we got the ticket today :)
  • BritishjoshBritishjosh Knight-Errant
    cool cool
  • I didnt get any message aswell..

    Playing Ducks
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