What I'm talking about? "Grumpy"

What I'm talking about, I sent 2 support tickets for the issue of signing in UK open league, My teammate made 2 threads about it Effects replied on one of them said what team name we replied BloodShed, Then he went and made another thread in CFCL section about not being able to sign up even there was time for signing up, I replied on ur comments for other teams have the same compliment said same for BloodShed please check it, But I got nothing at the end, Guess now it's clear what I'm talking about.


  • *Next time when you are complaining about something, at least mention it so a GM knows what you are talking about* then closes the thread
    GM response 10/10
    Team signed up before the deadline - numerous tickets - bunch of forum posts all ignored and then u close the thread rather then explaining why bloodshed wasn't signed up it is NOT the players communication that is the problem its the gm's
    He replied to me on other threads and he knew what problem I was facing thats if he read what I typed there, If not then that explains all.
    it's not my fault there was a bug I tried to get it solved before deadline but I got no response on tickets neither the comment I replied to him when he asked which teams cant sign up
    I mentioned the team name and the bug, I said team name bloodshed he answerd other questions and not on my reply to him
  • Feelsbadman
  • killerast wrote: »

    ofc man feelssobad for me xD, you won't be able to compete in any tournament for the next 3 weeks because of a mistake u didn't commit, this broke the team into pieces before our college starts, most of the team retired from cf and got enough for this summer already.
    Plus you have no EGL UK anymore in the meantime.
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