Night vision/dark map and/or mode

First they should make a night vision hat permanent for 5-10k GP.
It actually works as a night vision helmet and such.

A mode and/or maps (The maps could just be eagle eyes but dimmed quite a bit) which darkens the maps enabling you to only see 3-9 meters. By buying the night vision you are able to see through the dark.

You could also replace the night vision helmets with flash lights which adds on to your range of sight.

*Note*: The Helmet/Flash light must be permanent or no one would play except to try it out.


  • 1nsomniac1nsomniac Margrave
    They should make Tranquility HMX a TD or even SND map...
  • I tend to get more excitement playing in dark spooky like maps.

    With ZM it's usually better. Zombies randomly coming at you.
  • I would like to see a assault Zombie Mode map that uses night-vision. Maybe starting out cliche in a graveyard and working your way into a small ghost town. Then at the end of town, there's like a helicopter prop or something like that with a few watch towers where the sniping zombies can spawn at as well as a water tower and above the buildings of the ghost town.

    I'd propose the map to be somewhat lit up with lanterns. They won't give off much light but you could be able to spot the spawn areas a little more clearly. Then, at the end when you reach the helicopter, the boss zombie spawns back in the graveyard while the other zombies come out of the ghost town. It would be a rather straight map and there wouldn't be much room transitions but I think it would look neat.

    Zombies would spawn from the buildings and from the walk-in graves, or if possible, from the ground at various locations in the graveyard.

    The other idea that I think would be neat is a night-vision, knife only map.

    I'm not much for shooting in the dark but a SnD night map would look neat as well.
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