Lfc (gm)

Looking for clan unfortunately after the fail-merge between Evil Glory and -*]H[ell*- but its all good :P
-K/D: 2.73
-GM K/D 3.4 (I think?)
-Typical ping in Alpha: 31 usually.
-Can pp decently
-Can bhop okay, maybe needs some work for CWs.
-Had experience in the game and mode. Been playing for a few years
-Generally nice and fun to play with.
-Dont play TDM or SND much due to FPS lag on my bad laptop :D
-FPS in GM games typically 30~50. (I know its bad :P)

-Previous Clans:
---Evil Glory
---*!Ts @ Tr@p*

Looking for in a clan:
-That's fun to play with
-That at least some what skilled in GM
-That can be serious when it comes to CWs
-That has no crappy rules like 10cp/week
-That doesn't require Ventrilo to CW (I don't have a mic but I'm willing to use Vent :P)
-That is willing to accept my application. :D

Not sure if I forgot to say anything. Yay for the 'edit' function.
Thanks ^_^

Forgot link to Profile lmao


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