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  • Well, I'm happy that we finally received this feature. I have some thoughts in the back of my head about what the new weapons will be :3.

    tell me more :D
  • +10.

  • I good repaly someone :d
  • hypemonstahypemonsta Holy Knight
    For those thinking about kick votes, I speak from personal experience with this system, you can always leave before you get moved to the lobby, :3 Same with error, etc. Whenever you get a message that you got kicked/client error, just esc+enter then save fast, :D!
    Demoniite wrote: »
    There ya go.

    thanks alot.
  • PhazOn_QQPhazOn_QQ Beginner

    This is very good for a Rage quitter like me who just wants the good jump shots and no scopes and does not care about playing. Thank u GM
  • zHybeszHybes Beginner
    Wut if u get kicked?
  • its good but I've sent hackers replay but they still playing. its been 2 months but they didnt even check my message. I love this game but it lost its justice. definitely
  • POYP0YPOYP0Y Beginner
    This is great BUT if we report this "save this file" and report .. No action? No reply? Free hackers? If you give this new update patch. PLEASE open your eyes banned the hacker "perm.banned"
    Play fair team
  • LikeAEscLikeAEsc Beginner
    [GM]Saidin wrote: »
    Hello CF Forum Community!

    Today we are bringing you an exclusive, forum only preview for the July Update!

    The July update will feature new weapons and a new map, but it also comes with a couple of game improvements.

    One of those improvements is the ability to save a partial replay when exiting a match!

    In the past players used to have to search for temporary replays in their cross fire folders which was unreliable and definitely not an official way to save replays.

    When replay function improvements were made last summer this temp replay work-around had disappeared. But no more...

    Now upon leaving a game a notice is given to the player asking if they want to save a replay. Upon clicking this option a replay is automatically created with the date and time (as per the standard naming conventions for replays) and placed in the Documents/Cross Fire/Replay folder.

    Look below for an example of what it looks like in game. note this image has been resized for the forums

    Make your movies easier without the need for playing a full game just to get a short piece of footage!


    Be sure to make Cross Fire your destination for your Summer fun and watch for more spoilers and previews coming soon!

    you should make a patch where we can gift guns to other players
  • What about for those people who still need the replaytemp for when they forget to save the replay at the end?
  • B_B_BeastB_B_Beast Viscount
    OMG. this is amazing.

  • Patch super nice =D
  • what about ppl getting kicked ?
  • PewwfPewwf Squire
    This would save us all some more time.
  • imERICKimERICK Margrave
    Are you able to save the replay if you're kicked?
  • pdfERICK wrote: »
    Are you able to save the replay if you're kicked?

    Nope. If you're getting kicked and want the replay, you have to leave and give up all the exp/gp.
  • I_am__1 wrote: »
    what about ppl getting kicked ?

    i hope, that improvement must work, if you get kicked too...
    if it will works fine, i'll be satisfied :D
  • pdfERICK wrote: »
    Are you able to save the replay if you're kicked?
    As Simrock mentioned on page 2 or 3 of this thread if you get kicked you can still quit the room after you get the "you've been kicked" message.

    -Hit Enter (to close the Kick message)
    -Hit esc-enter-enter (to quit the room before it auto removes you to lobby)
    -Click the "Save Reply" button

    Voila. Saved replay after getting kicked.

    You have to be quick about it though.

    I used to use this moment to type a quick insult to the players that kicked me. :P Now there's something a bit more productive to use it for. Assuming there was also a hacker in the room. If there's no hackers you can still use this moment to type an insult to the nabs that kicked you :D

    OT: +12139987423423790. Best addition the the game EVER! No more sitting through round after round of hacker lameness just to report. I could care less about the new weps.

    I am curious about the new map tho. Hope it's a gooder.
  • NeozzyNeozzy Squire
    A new map? Gm or SnD? Cant wait for it :3
  • Yes! I can't wait for the new patch, if I get kicked, quickly leave and save replay. :D
  • AbdouDevilAbdouDevil Knight-Errant
    That's Awesome :)
    we all need it GM
    You did some think Riiiiiight !!!!
    Thanks :) :) :)
  • We need more spoilers, were waiting...
  • I think the patch is on 27th, usually a patch is on a Friday. ^^
  • 90% sure they gonna put a new ribbon in O.O
  • >.> Penalties for leaving? Had to come sooner or later I guess.
  • what r the new guns
  • DemoniiteDemoniite Royal Vizier
    GR_Roid wrote: »
    90% sure they gonna put a new ribbon in O.O

    Doubt it.
  • ltcolDltcolD Margrave
    Demoniite wrote: »
    Doubt it.
    [GM]Saidin wrote: »
    Attention Soldiers!

    The Cross Fire servers will be down tonight at 12:01am EDT, July 19 for approximately 3-4 hours for maintenance and the July Update!

    If you're wondering what might be in the patch, we've spoiled a little information on one of the new features! Click here to check it out.

    There will be a special event for this patch which will contain a ribbon too! So be ready to read all the details when we post the notes tonight!
    This .
  • DemoniiteDemoniite Royal Vizier
    enrage_D wrote: »
    This .


    Well great!
  • New maps and weapons? O_o :3
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