Official Boxing Tournament! **UPDATE**

Sign Ups: Closed
Tournament: Started
- Melees allowed : KNIFE & BRASS KNUCKLES
- Games in Alpha/UK 3 server
-Games will be in Arena 1 ( in middle )map and its 1vs1 , 5 min
- You must stay in middle area!
- No BulletProof Helmet or Jacket allowed!

Now I know your thinkg well Upex what if I'm a UK player and he's an alpha.... You will play on each channel 1 game and we will add your scores up and see who wins.
Each match must take place with in 1 week on each round. Please talk to your opponet and battle Then take a screen shot of you IN GAME with the score. That way we see the score and see you don't have any ammor or what not. If anyone breaks the rules please screen shot it and send it in on this fourm. If your having trouble finding your buddy talk to GotTissues or _Upex_ in game or on here. If one player rages quits he loses. If the players DCs then you will restart form the begining.
This is Upex's tournament NOT mine full credit to him, I am just his helper.


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