Rationalist is looking for a Clan. <3

Well, I've been clanless for a couple weeks. I figured with my rank and my.. Skill? People in-game would want to recruit me. I guess not. So, I'm looking for a clan.

Here's my Profile:

Vent/TS/Mic: Yes/Yes/Yes
Name: Scotty/Rashy
Age: 18
Country: America
Preferred Clan Rank: 500-1250(I will go lower in rank depending on the lower size Below)
Preferred Clan Size: 25-75 (I will go higher depending on the bigger size above)
Preferred Clan Skill Level: 60%-85%

I'm a guy with a sense on humor. I love cracking jokes and being a dude. If I join, I PROMISE I won't quit without reason. If you respect me, I will respect you.



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