Z8 Tournament

First to complain, cool? Just to wanted to say i'm kinda in a QQ'in mood. I waited on the computer for about 2 hours for the sign ups. Now ok, i read all the forums and when it would be up so they said 4 est. I was on at about 3-4:50. Ok, i waited till the page for the tourney came up and was quickly looking for the sign ups. It wasn't active yet, so i went away for about 5 minutes. I came back and it was active, BAM it was full. This clan has worked hard, and put alot of money into the game and wanted to test our skills. But it looks as if we got screwed AGAIN. So, good luck to all the clans that got in, it was a miracle you did. You'll probably get hacked apart by all the people who we reported about 4-5 months ago who still hack apart gamers in pubs. So again, good luck guys.


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