Heartache is Recruiting.

The clan page: http://clan.z8games.com/clanstat_cf.aspx?guildid=229736

Our cause: Absolutely nothing.
About us: Absolutely nothing.

There are a few rules, which are really the obvious ones. No cheating, no insulting, no qqing or hackusation without proof. Speak English oh and of course, don't cheat.

Use whatever weapon that floats your boat. M12S is discouraged but if you feel like it's a weapon your hands are familiar with; go for it.

Clan requirements/rules/whatever you want to call it/ are:
  • Being able to carry yourself without going negative all the damn time.
  • Not an annoyance or a thorn to our sides or others.
  • Mutual respect for those who respect you. If there's a guy who hates you for no reason, hate him the right back; if he likes you, you should probably be friendly with him then.
  • There are no real rules for getting kicked from the clan. Enjoy your kick. Of course we won't kick you for absolutely no reason; in most cases you'll know what you've done.

As for competition/clanwars
We accept all challenges. Doesn't matter who you are, what clan you're from. We'll accept. That is ofcourse unless we have legitimate reason for not being able to clanwar.

Is Heartache a GM clan? Maybe.

Most important.
If you leave the clan, we do not care, we will forget you and we won't ask you to come back. So that's that. Leave and begone.

Do you have to tryout?

I don't care what your KDR is, unless I personally know you. You have to try out; doesn't matter if you beat me or lose. The tryout serves multiple purposes.

Apply today.


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