Son of a B**CH!!!

OK, .those who run CF: if this is not already the case, you NEED to allow ALL total ghost mode playtime together. What I mean is I am SO SICK AND TIRED OF BEING IN GHOST KODE FOR 30 MINUTES, THEN BE KICKED BY SOMEONE SCREAMING AFF RAK LIXO KIKA F11.

The racism in CF is staggering. When someone knows the color of another's skin from their pings, it seems that ~70% of the time, they try to kick oneanother.

I only kick people who I can tell are hacking.

My point in all of this, is when I'm in game for 30 minutes then get kicked for no reason, that my 30+ mins in game gets added to the 30+ Hours of GM event time. DONT LET IT GO TO WASTE. I feel that I'm decent in GM as GR and BL, and getting kicked for having a nice score is ri-god-damned-diculous.


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