Patch Notes 02-02-2012 - Hero Mode X Update!

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Patch Notes

New Mode - Hero Mode X!
The Alien, Xeno, has united Mutants everywhere and is bent on conquering Earth. Meanwhile an elite squad of Commandos has risen up to stop them! Play as either Xeno of Commando in the new Hero Mode X and decide the fate of humanity!

Hero Mode X is an extension of the original Hero Mode only this time you can play as super characters Xeno and Commando. Xeno mutants have a very fast attack and movement speed and have a special shield ability that makes them more durable.

The Soldiers aren't without their own tricks. Commandos have been deployed to combat the new threats. Up to 3 Commandos can spawn in HMX Games (depending on the amount of players). These commandos can kill mutants easily with their powerful dual kukris. And the Commandos resist mutant attacks which makes them even more deadly.

As with Hero Mode, the more damage the team does to mutants the more bonus damage they gain as the match goes on. And Mutants will respawn until melee killed or killed by the Commando.

Hero Mode X brings with it, two new maps to play on. Rooftops, an urban-themed map where the action takes place in the streets and on the rooftops; and Mansion, a once-quiet country home before the mutant invasion tore it apart!

Hero Mode X Patch Events!
Click here for the event page to check your event progress. (all times in EST)
Thursday Feb 2, 2012 12:01am - 11:59pm: Play in 5 Hero Mode X games. Win a 7 Day Mutation Helix Name Card.

Friday Feb 3, 2012 12:01am - 11:59pm: Win 1 Hero Mode X Game as soldiers. Win a 7 Day Soldier Beret.

Saturday Feb 4, 2012 12:01am - 11:59pm: Play Cross Fire for 1 hour total in-game time. Win a 7 Day AK47-Knife Adv.

Sunday Feb 5, 2012 12:01am - 11:59pm: Score 250 points over multiple Hero Mode X Games. Win a 7 Day Mutation Grenade.
[GM]Saidin wrote: »
The Soldiers may have a rough go when it comes to facing the Xeno and his Mutant friends!

We've lowered the requirements for Friday's event from winning 5 HMX Games as the Soldiers to 3.

To "win" a HMX game (or MM or HM) one side must have the majority of the wins within the round.

So if there are 11 rounds, the soldiers must win 6 of them minimum in order to get the win. And don't forget that in order to qualify you must at least be in the game at the end screen!
New Weapons
MG3/MG3 Gold - Limited time ZP Crate
QBZ95-Camo - GP Crate
AWM-Stripe - ZP Temporary
RX4 Storm - BM Coupon Exchange (temp)
Remington 870 - BM Coupon Exchange (temp)
New Items
Blue Compact Radio
Skull Goggles
Camel Bag
Helmet B-Type
Valentines Gift Backpack - seasonal
HMX Sprays and Namecard
New Ribbons
Xenophobe - You have played in 100 Hero Mode X Games where the Soldiers have won
Lead the Invasion - You have played in 100 Hero Mode X games where the Mutant side has won
Exterminator - You have successfully completed all the Hero Mode X patch weekend Events
Please note that to qualify for the "win" ribbons you must be present at the end of the match in a game with at least 6 active players.

Additionally, the Exterminator ribbon will be given out on Monday Feb 6th.

And lastly, with regards to wins by Soldiers or Mutants. It is by majority of rounds within the game. When there are 11 rounds, the Soldiers (or Mutants) must win at least 6 in order to qualify the game for a win for either category.

System Upgrades
When making a new game you now have the option to select Normal, Zombie or Mutation to access the appropriate modes.

Your Mercenary Profile window in game has been updated. (note we are aware of a small text alignment issue to be fixed in a future update)

Vote Kick has now been applied to Mutation Mode games (This includes MM, HM and HMX)

Windows Aero is now disabled within the game for Windows 7 and Vista. Please note that this was done to improve stability with some crash errors upon match completion. This has been adopted by other versions of CF, Windows Aero relaunches after the game closes. You may notice that windows displays a colour setting notice as a result of this. There should be no major conflicts or issues with that.

New Death Animations have been added.
Bug Fixes
A Fix has been applied which should prevent non CF NA/UK content from showing up on CF NA/UK. If players see this bug happening in game please report it to our support site.
Some Fixes have been applied which should help crash problems with Female Characters using the M16A3 on the Venice ZM Map. While we can't confirm that this has fixed the problem 100% we are expecting the situation to improve.
Fixed a bug with the background of the "sorting options" window.
Fixed a spelling mistake with the Tranquility map icon.
Fixed a spelling mistake with the Mutation Grenade item description.
Fixed an incorrect HUD display with the Tactical Suit.
Fixed a display problem with the gamma slider bar in game.
Fixed a display and spelling problem with the automatic visual settings.
Fixed an issue with the Sky Texture on the Venice Zm map.
Improved the textures and graphics in the map Bio Facility.
Fixed some of the Mall MM/HM/HMX banners to remove advertising from other CF Versions.
The Launcher will automatically download the patch when you execute it after the maintenance. Once it is downloaded you will be able to patch your game. Please be patient as there will be lots of people patching.

If you experience troubles with the patch including errors involving; version.ini, file changed errors or connection errors we recommend reading through the following thread for solutions:

And please keep your account secure! Do not give away any account information on your account, and do not fall for scam sites which offer free items and ZP!


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