Piercing the CF story/lore

So, in terms of bits and pieces of info from maps, story and terminology...
GR and BL in the distant future have a conflict over control through chaos and keeping the things way they are. Ghost leads BL, with followers Dragon and some other unnotables. While Roid leads GR with Karen O'Neil and other unnotables.
Through a sequence of battles over territories (via snd and td maps from around the world), they have not reached a dominance point. Meanwhile, GR was thinking of a way to gain advantages by creating a stealth suit, which later was stolen by BL. But for some weird reason, BL cant use guns while stealthing so they thought, wtf, lets make something more useful. So they tried out mutation... Did not work well and they ran away. GR had to beat up them baddies, and some middle eastern guy said, hey i wanna shoot something (aka the hero)
Then recently, with the death of Ghost, BL became desperate and experimented with things even more dangerous than mutation (aka zombie mode) and caused GR to say WTF BL WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING. SO pew pew them zombies. THen venice (that poor poor italian city) got targeted and pew pew again.
Then BL was like, fk this, lets take them in space while ima firing mah lazer.
So they ambushed one of the space orbital and started a fight.
then apparantly, some aliens saw all the bs happening with bl and gr, and decided to make htings even worse for our good ol friend roid.
and here we are, with extermination mode next patch :)
Note; this story is not very elaborated and has many potholes. feel free to comment on anything missing that you deem correct and yeah.


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