I'm so frickin' tired of people abusing the votekick system!

I get kicked from almost all of my ghost games for the sole reason that you "can't" get Some odd number of kills and zero deaths, its not possible. And another thing about it, some people kick you just because you are good, or stole their ace. Why the frick are some people so selfish? I find myself with one of the best k/d's I've ever gotten, game's almost over, then suddenly, boom. Kicked. It's a perfectly legit K/d, but nope. They won't hear of it. It's always hacks. Definetely hacks. Thanks for listening.



  • i feel your pain. i gotten get kicked by noobs in GM cuz they always think i really hack but i do not. i never use hack program or anything at all... this even pathetic because im deaf in real life. i can't hear anything at all but i watch really closely and look around quickly.

    this is really unfair for me!
  • Hehe you're not the only one.
    The voting system is abused too much, some people are kicking other players for fun. I was just in a game where about 4-6 people were kicked in few rounds both GR's and BL's
  • I like to hack sometimes and I always get kicked, I hate it.
  • loneBullet wrote: »
    I like to hack sometimes and I always get kicked, I hate it.

    ^^ thats why you get kicked. Its something you have to get used to with the kicking system. I've been kicked because my scores, because Im in pubstarz and how you can kill anyone with m60. Your always going to have the noobs trying to kick you because right now in cf your either a noob or you hack theres no such thing as good anymore. Its annoying with the constant kicking but its something you have to get used too.
  • loneBullet wrote: »
    I like to hack sometimes and I always get kicked, I hate it.

  • I just got kicked half a minute ago on alaska for being the only one making pretty much kills and winning rounds.. I was doing the 1 man army thing. Me vs 8 cos my team died, sometimes they took 1 or 2 with them though.

    For having skill, you'll get kicked. Specialy when a kid on other side is spamming the bind:

    "F11 hacker!!! F11 hacker! NOOB n*gger!!"

    for some reason its ok to be racist if your talking bout "cheats". I dont think highly of people that cheat... but to use against people that are just ace, aim well, use their sounds and actualy have some descent skill... cmon?

    I know the kick system is being checked out and going to be newd... but seriously, its bout time they'd find a solution cos i went inactive so many months ago for the same reason. You cant play pubs alone when you have skill and your surrounded by a bunch of kidds that think they are the pro's of the game. (To bad they are the majority that also pay lots of money for ZP points)

    On a side note: ZP items dont buy you skill.

    I feel your pain guys, certainly in ghostmodes when you get few kills and 0 deaths... (IMPOSSIBLE!!! HACK HACK HACK KICK F11 F11!!!) - been there, done that. I dont play GM anymore.
  • Get on a good team if you really think your good and PLAY WITH THE TEAM.

    Thats the only way to roll in CF.
  • But my team dies lol :(

    you say: Defend base -> they rush
    you say: rush left -> they rush all other ways
    you say nothing, you follow one of the groups: you stay alive and kill most (maybe even clutch)

    i mean... if i dont die by some nice skill hs, cheated hs or lucky hs... mostly (excluding snipers that is) i just r*pe the other team in pubs :C is that a crime?

    Honestly i tried to blend in, to not be noticed, but its kinda hard when everytime i get a gun in my hand it automaticly points to someones head?

    I thought like, maybe i wanna join the army, its basicly like fps but better graphics! But what if i lag out there? Im DEAD D: !!

    Seriously, there is almost no way of not getting kicked other than just playing with the same people that know you all the time. Eventualy, they'll get boring as you can predict their moves. When i play against my own clan, or with friends, and they are vs me... i can predict their moves better than they can themselfs.

    I'll try some more team ways in pubs, but mostly the team is rubbish. (i do join the losing team cos i want a challenge :x)
  • oh yeah i love hearing when people say "it's impossible to get that many headshots"
    even though you only head shotted 4 guys
  • The lucky spray where you headshot 4 -5 guys of the 7 rushing in: my favorite


    xD makes my day... its a p90 for crying out loud :P its like you cant controle much where the bullets hit other than look where the bullets go and hope you hit their heads xD

    Even a K2 can have a seriously Evil accuracy when it comes to hs's
  • I hate them to, today Someone said they'll report me for aimbot( I don't have it) I just moved my mouse back because he hit me and got a headshot.... then I got kicked becasue of that... I F***ing hate them
  • Kicking system is good~community svcks!
  • MikeSpike wrote: »
    Kicking system is good~community svcks!

    agreed......the community in-game is made up of alot of little kids who think that they are so good that they cant die ,so if they do die(which happens alot)they start whining and hackusating and they either RQ or stay in to annoy the hell out of u by screaming out racist remarks and saying that they know Icely (makes me lol) and that they'll get u banned.
  • just got kicked 20 mins ago cause I had 8-0 in GM as BL with shovel...
  • whats really pathetic is that we as a community need to blame Z8 for not giving us updates to keep the hackers out, now everyone is so paranoid that you are a hacker so they just want to kick you to feel better. If they would update people wont be so uptight about legit players vs hacks. 2 months without an update to keep the hackers out is just plain ******ed. Thats why i will continue to refuse to buy points until they decide to get off their dead ass. I can wait just as long as they can, i dont need to spend my money to play with hackers and have my stats messed up because some ******ed people cant even figure out how to do a tiny patch to keep the hackers at bay. And i know of at least 10-15 people that refuse to do the same, so thumbs up to Z8 for having the most ******ed support and lack of updates. I dont even care what their excuse is anymore, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS. Learn how to manage a game before you open it to the public, or just keep your fkn ideas in your head...gosh
  • note: The game was taking out of the hands from Suba games. I bet you whined your butt of there cos of the cheat problem.

    note: Z8 is doing alot of fixing bugs ingame and ect. (think of the "server is full" bug) They work as hard they can right now.

    note: Gameguard is if im correct a stand alone program which isnt from Z8 or crossfire. So if you want to flame for the cheat problem, flame gameguard, not Z8. (Dont shoot me if im wrong bout this, but thats what i've heared.)

    note: If you dont want to pay for points, thats your God given right. But dont forget alot of kids which do form the majority of players do pay. (i bet they think they can buy skill with Z8 points - good for a laugh when you kill em and they scream hack once more)

    note: Cheat sites are always alive and working and the once that crack the game are sure to have cheats already made for when the patch comes out, simply putting them up few min after patch and you can re-download and cheat away once more. So seriously, even though its pathetic... they get alot of money cos sadly enough most people online see cheating the only way to be "good" and enjoy playing. You cant change that cos there will always be players that wanna be "super good" pretty much "God amoung gamers" and will do anything to achieve that. Meaning: cheats.

    Honestly, if i would get a dollar for every kid that screams hack at me, i'd be rich. Not to mention, if every hacker i'd see and report would get a heart attack, we'd have alot less cheating dumbasses on the world. The day this would happen, either of them or both, i'll be a happy man.

    Untill than... let us pray?
  • Seriously, there is almost no way of not getting kicked other than just playing with the same people that know you all the time. Eventualy, they'll get boring as you can predict their moves. When i play against my own clan, or with friends, and they are vs me... i can predict their moves better than they can themselfs.

    Lol once i played in Crossroads against a rather good player, but then i figured him out. He would run to the left, run forward (towards me, hidden behind the wall) and then jump out towards the center of the map. Well, I figured out the time it took him to do that and preshot the spot the small area where he was vulnerable for a split second, and killed him about half the time. =D And then of course he knows im a hacker so he spams at my team to kick me. =P
  • 0rk0rk Beginner
    Welcome to the world of petty haters. I feel your pain cause it happens to me a lot. Some things Ive found that helps.

    1) Tell them to report you and how to do it. The powers that be will look at the playback and see your not cheating but no hacker would ever want to be reported.

    2) Ask them if killing you on purpose would help their fragile ego. Then make a big deal about running to the middle of the map and spinning around in circles and letting losers get free kills (but mot to many. Dont wanna throw off your kill/death ration).

    3) Just let them kill you some so that your kills/deaths are closer together to prevent rabid whining.

    4) Tell them to watch the playback and then spend the rest of the game sneaking up behind the whiner and standing behind him for a few seconds before shooting him in the back of the head. Or shadow him for a while by running behind him without him knowing.

    5) Tell them what gun you are using and remind them they can buy the same gun and if they learn to aim it they can be as kewl as you.

    6) Dont care about getting kicked and destroy the whiner until he cries or/and rage quits.

    7) Rabidly make a big deal out of kicking ANY actual hackers (obvious ones like speed/wall/invis. etc.) the other team or your own team has.

    8) Stop using your gun and just stab them to death. Dosent help your situation really but I love being cryed at when I stab 5 or 6 of their team. Even been accused of a "knife hack" whatever that might be.

    9) Take a few seconds and tell them how you killed them so easily. If you point out what they are doing wrong you may seem like an incredible ass but then you can point the same thing out every time you kill them because they are most likely not going to accept that they are making it so easy.

    10) Be a bigger person and a better gamer and just move on to the next room, there are a whole frackin bunch of em. Instead of being offend by getting kicked let it turn into a nice warm ember of hate for your fellow mankind, once I accepted this my kills went up by almost 20 a game.

    They should have a star system for whiners, somethin like
    RAGE QUIT!!!!!
  • true..dey shouls make it better in some way...i had kills 22-0 n dey kik me 4 hacking
    n i wasnt on ace..my kills were 14-0 n dey kik me..while other guy had 22-1.
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