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  • Oh yeah i can see the most upgraded Clan page now
    We can see the items... everything... even chars, ribbons etc... aaww.. z8games rocks
  • great newws :D
  • sounds good
  • [GM]Saidin wrote: »
    Attention Soldiers!

    If you are standing up you better sit down because the next part of this post is going to blow your mind!

    Today we are gathered here to announce to you, our Loyal Cross Fire fans and gamers, that we have announcement to make to you on November 10th, 2011!

    We have nothing short of epic improvements being made to our Clan Page. Soon you will be able to see your entire Clan Server match history on the clan page, look at wins and losses and earn extra points and rewards. But we don't want to spoil all the beans just yet.

    Stay tuned to the Cross Fire Clan Page on November 10th, 2011 to see all the changes going in, and check the news feed and these forums for the complete details. This Announcement will be followed by a new Urban Warfare, New Game events and more!


    And a better clan page ?! It sounds nice.

    Btw whats the use of Clan poinds? I have 962 clan poinds , if i get 1000 I will get a reward?
  • Now we will see ho is in deed the best clan.
    (Or maybe not).
  • Please surprise me, please don't let it be like the Zombie Patch Ribbons
  • November 10 is my birthday! :D
  • GoPancakes wrote: »
    November 10 is my birthday! :D

    Happy birthday
  • one_9one_9 Grand Duke
    clan server history matches.... hmmm

    oh that's right, my clan kinda gave up on clan wars because of the hacking clans that revert to hacks when they are losing :/

    Good update though! It's about time to start integrating competitive gaming with the streamline pubbing.

    Hopefully we can go back to clan wars and stuff, and the good old tourny's :)
  • Just wonder what the rewards will be look like?!
    No need more temporary sprays and namecards...
  • Why is this announcement so important

  • Anyone else notice they spelled everything wrong on the announcement page?
    "Everthing from match history and new features to new stats and ranks."
  • yeah
    xristos250 wrote: »

    And a better clan page ?! It sounds nice.

    Btw whats the use of Clan poinds? I have 962 clan poinds , if i get 1000 I will get a reward?

    I agree, should give us a ribbon or something...
  • UK]DaveUK]Dave Holy Knight
    So is there new in-game content tomorrow?
  • New rank system.
  • Yay for Elo system of ranking. Thanks guys. I think we'll like it.
  • this is gonna make reporting hackers alot easier cuz 90% of hackers dwell in clan wars (back then approx. a month ago) :)
  • Wishjj wrote: »
    New rank system.

    dont get your hopes up -.- Chinese cf's new rank system was recolouring the general stars to gold
  • Patryk28Patryk28 Apprentice
    LOL this sounds pretty good i like it but please spill it out now im just too curious :)
  • Nice!!!
    Can't wait to see what it'll look like (new design?)
  • SunXPSunXP Holy Knight
    wow.. you just pulled my expectation bar very high... hope you can deliver
  • jea me 2 :)
  • Bring the return of the group items in the mall and start giving interest to the clan bank account.
  • abt time to derank some farm clans.. and make cw stats count.. so farmers could acutally make a clan of cows and earn wins from that.
  • this is gonna be a good Announcement to everyone New Guns For ZP CRATES New Bugs No GP guns No BP Guns...

    Saidin, Make Us Happy once i a while put up a good BP guns and GP guns and replace the Ribbon Guns PSG and M4a1-gold why there is 2 the same gun for 100 ribbons.
  • yess. sOUND GOOD :D
  • gp weapons

    please .. .. on your next patch put weapons that can be drawn with boxes of gp .. not all use zp .. Thank you.
  • been waiting for this a while now.
  • Big deal.

    Yay were gonna get a new clan page.
    Big deal. Everything will be teh same.

    Not really taking a seat here.
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