What Weapons have you won for friends?

Basically this thread is random but i thought hey! maybe you would like to post the guns that your friends had no faith in winning.

1.Just lists the guns you've won for friends.

2.(optional) amount of crates you think it took.

3.(optional) the guns that you have won that you don't have.

2 tommys - 80 crates (he bought 80)
1 ak camo - 40 crates
2 deagle camos - 40 crates
1 m14 - 50 crates
1 ak knife - 40 crates
1 anaconda adv - 10 crates (won on first spin)
1 steyr aug camo - idk how many crates, but over 100 (he had 400k gp)

i don't have tommy, ak knife, or m14 lol


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