connecting to room..... nothing

i am on crossfire i join a room and then it says conecting to room for a very long time....
please help!!!!!!!!!!


  • yeah

    i thought that its just me having this problem. same problem here. i join to game and it says connecting to room, please wait. it waits like 2-3 minutes then 'ok' button appears. 'connecting to room, please wait. ''ok'' ' when i click ok it shuts down crossfire. is that the same problem you have there? what is that? please someone fix it !!!
  • Zeus_1Zeus_1 Holy Knight
    Crossfire has become a joke since they joined z8 games in my opinion
  • AkProWarAkProWar Holy Knight
    it has...

    what a drag. and frankly i had enough, i hearby announce my ''me not playing till a patch is installed'' strike.

    i was doing a killer score in Factory map and all of the sudden i get the ''Disconnected due to map info wrong'' or something like that and it booted me out of the whole game. >.<
  • same here i can play and if i'am lucky i have Big Lag and i at the game
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