I urge all of you to NOT complete the Netflix offer from Gratispay.

They do not give you the zp that is promised and they most certainly do not reply to help queries. If I were you, I wouldn't complete any offer provided by gratispay.

Just a heads up.


  • Ohh.

    Are you sure you just didn't confirm your email address?
  • Merkin22Merkin22 Apprentice
    you should read what it requires to complete the survey before doing it. Don't do the ones that require something b.s
  • 0xBoF0xBoF Marquis
    My brother got his girl friend to sign up for it and he got the zp... Idk what is wrong with yours... maybe you were trying to get a freeby?
  • IgotemIgotem Apprentice
    Uh, no. I got 3 movies in the mail today and the preauthorization went through on my credit card. And there was no 'confirmation' email, just a thanks for joining netflix email. And if I was trying to get a freebie, I wouldn't waste my and your time by posting here about it.
  • Never use netflix

    I was enticed by their ad that said "Free Trial - Rent all the DVDs you want". Lies all. They charged me for a "lost disc" after I canceled my account. Then they cut off all access to my online account information so I could even see which disc was "lost". I tried joining them again on another credit card and EXACTLY the same thing happened. They are charging those who cancel before their trial period is over by claiming the customer lost a disc.
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