Where did "Rep" go?

Decided to remove it, or implement a different system in the near future?


  • DelacosDelacos Holy Mage
    i'll take option number 2 for 2000 alex
  • nuuuuuuuu! I liek rep =(
  • DelacosDelacos Holy Mage
    new system could imply anything pulse, from one that gives you plushy bears and lollypops, to one thats exactly the same as the old one, but modified for this forum.
  • In any case, some features are still being worked on. I would expect some version of it to return at some point.
  • i really dont know! lol xD
  • i suggest it be called force points....

    yeah, i just said that
  • AMonsterAMonster Apprentice
    i'll take option number 2 for 2000 alex

    Ooooh. I'm sorry, the correct answer was "fish." Yes, "fish."
  • I like not having a karma/rep system. They are stupid anyway.
  • Karma is ******ed
    Rep points are ownage xD
    if you gm's could do that take the bb.com rep system izz niice
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