finally. an honest player.

i have found my new addiction.
it's ghost mode.
i'm not gonna say i'm great, but i am rather good at it.

so i was in a the lab two nights ago (in a pub) and was near A when i heard the bomb being planted.
on instinct i tossed a nade down there.

yeah, he said it.
before i could get ****ed, his teammates defended me with "no hack" and "luck nade"
(it was)
after that calmed down, same thing happened at b.
now i ony had 2 people in the game that believed me.
we followed each other all night from room to room playing gm all night.

we didn't win them all, but we had a blast.
the best part was, we could deter the vote kick on each other.

and last night.....

some guy wanted to 1v1 me in metro. with me as bl.
he complained the whole match and left.
a new guy came in.
i picked him off one time and i get the message "headphones?"
no name calling. just real good killing. on both parts.
this is what crossfire was ment to be.

i love gm and i'll put up with 500 stoopid kids to get to play with 2 honest players.

i'm on gm almost every night.
pm me in game if you want a hack free match.
ign - suicydbomber.


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