Cya ;D

Edit for 2020:


yeah, i quit CF due to work picking up, wont be back, atleast for a while.
plus id rather party on the weekends haha

Anyways i would like to give a shout out to a few people:

[NP]warhawk: great guy, known him since my first day playing, flame me all you want but i dont care.

[WOGL]Mart: always motivated me to play better, always gave me advice and such stuff. this guys a total legend!

-ai-: again known him since my first day playing, thought he was a good back in the day LOL

Kewl?: guys a noob, nuff said.

Wish: <3 this kid, guys a legend <3:)

?.? : this guy is cool to chill in game with, good player. always looked up to him

Boltz: your still a kunt but i love ya haha

hesitate: this guy WAS a good person back in the day, not sure now though.

[QS]beano: loved this guyy, he would ALWAYS stay up back in (uk)-elite- till like 6am just to chill with us.

Liqweedation: was my MAIN motivator, always told me tips and stuff, <3 the guy

Kelp: haha, didnt know this guy for THAT long but hes a VERY good player and a cool guy to chill with.

Alessballaz: we met wayyy back in glorify, since then became good friends<3

Lastly, would like to thank Everyone in pZ__, ACL., WGH., Foolish? and glorify even though we spent
so little time together, this list would be endless.

i would also like to again shout out to the original (G)old(k)ill and of course (UK)-elite-

I will never forget any of you and this was written in 2020. So that’s my promise. I miss you all and we all shall meet again one day.


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