how to fix 'the file is changed'

1. Click on computer - local disk (C:)- programs file (*86)- Z8games- crossfire-

2. Then, go on the bottom list and find the configuration setting 'version'.

3. right click on that and click on 'properties' .

4. uncheck the 'Read-only' button and then close it.

5. left click 'version' (open it normally) and you can see the numbers.
Latest version 1060
Minimal version 1044.

6. Change 1060 into 1062, save it, and close it. ( if you have any numbers below 1060, still, change into 1062)

7. Go on the properties again and check the 'Read-only' button and close it.

8. Start the crossfire launcher and it should patch automatically.

If you still need help, ask me.


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