Hi guys, I am back,...
My story starts in HM where a QQ-er reported me for cheating lol
I play CF for 2 years and I never used a cheat even if I have been killed like a billion times by hackers.
Guess wth maybe if I score high in HM is why the Attack Power bar is full since the begging of the round ( many cheaters kills mutants =100% attack increased ) + minigun+ good position = 120 kills / few deaths in cca 13-17 rounds.

Anyway I got my first ''bann'' but after sending a complaint to the Z8 crew I got this message where they say that my acc is not anymore under investigation and that I do not cheat and I got my in-game account back.

So thank you Z8 for being correct and fair!!! ;)
2 days later I got also my forum account back, I am still waiting for the honorable ribbon but I think that those guys are really working properly,...ty 1 more time ;)


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