New issue after the "fixing" patch.

I get random ping spikes(everything freezes) and am dropped out of the room with "Failed to connect to Host server" or something like that! Happens when I play GM - IDK about the other modes. It is the same for my clanmates.

GM missions - impossible.

EDIT: Btw it is full of hacks again. A guy on Lab killed all the ghosts in the very beginning. 3 rounds in a row until kicked. IDK how you call them but it is full of guys who see ghosts. Fast defuse. Yesterday I got killed through the wall on Ceyhan(the new KILLER thingie helps).


  • try redownloading cf.
    maybe its where you live and the sever is broken or something(try changing servers).
    other than that idk what it could be cause it doesnt happen to me or any1 i know
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