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Hey everyone,

I just decided that I was going to make a guide to the M4A1, just because this thing is BEAST! Oh, and this almost got me a nuke :P

I decided to try out the guide template, written by rivaL. so I would like to thank him =]

+ High RoF.
+ Fast reload.
+ Great iron sights.
+ Good mag size.
+ Very low recoil.
+ Great accuracy.
+ Stopping power makes the weapon beast.

- Burns through ammo.
- Possibly the weakest gun in the game
- Quite a bit of muzzle flash when using the Irons (silencer fixes this)
- Long range still needs burst firing, even though it has low recoil

Base Damage: 30-20

Damage multipliers:
Head: 1.4 (42-28)
Body: 1.0 (30-20)
Limbs: 1.0 (30-20)

With stopping power:
Head: 59-39
Body: 42-28
Limbs: 42-28


Grenade Launcher

This attachment mount an underbarrel grenade launcher under the barrel (duh) of the gun. You get 2 grenades and it can be refilled by using scavenger. This 'weapon' deals 155-25 damage (depending on the distance the target is away from the blast) and deals 135 damage on a direct impact (Insta-kill). The grenade must fly for about a second before it detonates on impact, so if you accidentaly miss and hit the side of a doorway, don't panic, it won't blow up. This also makes the M203 (that's the name of the GL) a very poor choice for close range combat. If used properly, you can use the M203 as a mortar to bomard the other team from the other side of the map, this is very hard to do, as it will require you to look just under 89 degrees up in the air. And the chance you hit any one is very very small (unless you bombard a flag/bomb in an objective bases game)

Masterkey Shotgun

This attachment is unlocked when you get 20 kills with the M203. This replaces the M203 with a Masterkey Shotgun, also under-barrel mounted. This mini shotgun has the highest range of all shotguns, but fires less pellets, therefore, dealing less damage. The damage is still high enough to kill people at close range. It comes with about 24 shells so that would be plenty. The damage is 150-6, dealing 25-1 damage per pellet that hits. This shotgun is more of a last resort weapon instead of using it as you primary. This gun also greatly benefits from Stopping power and steady aim.

Red Dot Sight

This attachment replaces the default iron sights with a Reflex sight. This attachment allow you to look at a small red dot in the middle of the body of the reflex sight. This is a great alternative for the regular irons if you are going to fight alot at long range, as the irons become more obstructive the further you look, the red dot sight just shows a little dot. This is also great for headshotting because you can see exactly where you are aiming at.

Holographic Sight

This sight is unlocked when you get 60 kills when looking down the red dot sight. This is basicaly the big broman of the Red dot sight. It has a bigger body and a bigger dot, but it does the same as the red dot. Whether you want to use it or not is up to you.


This makes the M4A1 beast at ghosting. Combine this with Cold-blooded and you pretty much have the best ghost class ever =]. The high RoF can kill the target very fast. And your muzzle flash is reduced by alot, lowering it to about zero and making you extra stealthy. I'd recommend this attachment when you like stealth, or you just don't know any other attachment to use =]. Oh, it does decrease the range by a bit, but that wouldn't really matter alot I guess, you are not going to be far away from enemies as a Ghost, even though you are very hard to see at long range =P

Heartbeat Sensor

This attachment is unlocked after getting 15 kills with the silencer attached. This attachment makes enemies show up on the monitor as red dots (which fades after you move your mouse/stick a few times left and right) and friendlies as green dots. Enemies using the Ninja perk don't show up on the monitor. Then aiming down the sights, the HBS is not visible at all, but this is a great attachment when you are camping/defending. When using this in conjunction with the silencer, you can see them, but they can see you when they try really hard, by that time, they are about to die =].

ACOG Scope

This is a great attachment to use at long range combat, the low recoil of the M4A1 makes the ACOG very easy to use at long range. I'd recommend it when you like to stay back and semi-snipe with ARs =P Also, it adds recoil... And it adds range.

Thermal Scope

This is unlocked after getting 20 kills while using the ACOG scope. This scope has the same zoom as sniper rifles (which is 4x) and makes the all other players show up as big white running puddings =D. This is easily countered by the Cold-Blooded perk. The first shot can be steady'd but all shots after that will just go everywhere =P So make sure you don't spray, because this attachment also adds recoil. Also great for semi-sniping. Also increases the range.

Full Metal Jacket

This attachment increases the damage done through walls. Doesn't increase damage dealt when shooting through air, unlike the in game stats do say it increases damage. Not much to say about it, but I would only use it untill you unlocked the Extended mags. It's not very usefull at all, as the penetration is medium.

Extended Mags (Ext mag, epic picture fail so no pic =[

Unlocked after getting 40 penetration kills with FMJ attached. This attachment increases your mag size by 15 bullets (50%) and therefore you get 45 bullets in one mag. This is very usefull if you find yourself reloading alot. Not much to say about, but the process of getting can be a b*tch, just play on Highrise and shoot through the chainlink fences, that also counts as a penetration kill. That's pretty much it.


Tier 1:
Sleight of Hand
This perk makes you reload at lightning speed! It has a relatively fast reload so I don't think this adds much to the gameplay. But the pro version can really help you out. Let me explain (this is my guide so I have all the time =]) The pro version speeds up the ADS time, allowing you to have the first couple of bullets before he can even aim at you (when he is not using SoH). Not very usefull if you are going on a little survival trip, but it can work wonders when you rush/assault the objective, and kill people.

This perk is great for the survivalist. You get 30 ammo in the mag and 180 auxillery ammo with a total of 210 bullets. You can pick up blue scavenger bags (which are dropped by dead people, friend or enemy) and with those, you can refill ammo by one mag, and equipment+special nades by one at a time. This makes the M4A1 more of a spraying weapon. But a very nice spraying weapon =D.

This Perk allows you to have 2 attachments on your Primary weapon, the pro version allows you to have 2 attachments on your Secondary weapon. If you use this, I'd suggest a silencer and a sight (preferably RDS), because none of the other attachments are very usefull for the M4A1. I wouldn't recommend it but I can see this work for an half stealth/half assault gameplay.

Stopping Power
This makes the M4A1 a 3HK weapon at close range to the body. 2HK at close range to the head. aKa, use this, this is very helpful because it allows you to be more efficient with your bullets. I wouldn't recommend it for a long range gameplay, because the weapon will still be a 4HK. Use CB at long range. Anyways, use SP for a stealth build if you are carrying a launcher, so if the announcer says 'Enemy UAV spotted' you can shoot it out of the air, and remain still remain a certain level of stealth, though, because the launchers are big big big, they can give away your position, due to the bulk of the thing on your back.

This perk makes you invisible to thermal scopes, air support, sentry guns (I think this one is glitched) and UAVs. The pro version prevents your name showing up in red if the enemy moves their xhairs over you. This makes you only visible to the naked eye, which is awesome! This perk is for complete, utter, overdone stealthyness. When a silencer is attached, you will never show up, on anything, not the radar nor the crosshair red name effect thingy only to the Heartbeat sensor, (which can be countered by Ninja). Use this in conjunction with the silencer and Ninja to camp and make people angry =]

This perk is great for the rushing and assaulting class. This makes you move about 7%-10% faster. The pro version allows you to ADS faster after sprinting. If you rush/assault, you are running alot, so when you sprint, the pro lightweight will lower the chance of getting caught with your pants down. This is very usefull if you are on your own alot, if you have team mates, it won't matter much, as they can have your back. But if you are alone, you will probably be sprinting alot.

Tier 3:
Steady Aim
This perk decreases the hip-fire crosshairs by 35%, making the M4A1 a better option at close range, when there is no time to switch to secondaries (very usefull when carrying a launcer). The pro version makes you hold your breath longer, whoop-de-doo, you don't really need the pro version, except when using the Thermal scope.

This makes you invisible to the HBS! This is the anti-camper solution numero uno. Most campers use Heartbeat sensors, and how coincidental, you won't show up. The pro version reduces footstep sound by 75%. Therefore, making this a great perk for sound whoring (it's easier to get then SitRep and makes you silent) you just need some sort of 1337 headset to hear the enemies coming to you, because that sound will not increase.

Class Examples
P=Primary Se=Secondary E= Equipment Sp= Special 1= Blue perk 2= Red perk 3= Greenish perk Ds= Deathstreak SoH= Sleight of hand Scav= Scavenger B=Bling SP= stopping power CB= Cold blooded LW=Lightweight DC= Danger close Ninja= samurai sorry Ninja SA= Steady aim


Se: M1014 Grip/what ever you prefer
E: Semtex/Frag
Sp: Stun
1: SoH
2: LW
3: Ninja/SA
DS: *cough*rethink strategy*cough* Final stand (wichever you prefer)

P: M4A1 Silencer
Se: M1014 Grip (Use this as a backup, don't run around, that will defeat the purpose of semi-ghost =])
E: Semtex/Claymore
Sp: Flash/Smoke
1: Scav
2: Stopping power
3: Ninja
DS: Final stand (or whichever one you prefer)

Full Ghost:
P: M4A1 Silencer
Se: M1014 Silencer/ Any machine pistol + silencer)
E: Claymore/Throwing knife (skill required)
Sp: Smoke/Flash
1: Scav
2: CB
3: Ninja (Ofcourse)

P: M4A1 M203
Se: Thumper/Javelin
E: C4
Sp: Flash/Stun/Smoke
1: Scav (you'll want to keep up the ammo count)
2: DC
3: Any 3rd perk.
DS: Martyr (explosion when you die!)

50 cent:
P: M4A1 Extended mags + AKIMBO (joking) Holo sight
Se: Deagle Akimbo (not joking =]) + FMJ (just to fill in the bling pro spot)
E: Frag/wichever you prefer
Sp: Flash/Stun/Smoke
1: Bling
2: Hardline
3. SitRep (50 knows everything man.)
DS: Anything


Coming soon!
Favorite guns: MG4 (mastered), AK-47 (mastered), M16A4 (mastered), L86 LSW, M240, Deagle, USP akimbo, MP5k.

Favorite class:
Primary: MP5k RDS
Second: USP akimbo
Equipment: TI
Special: Flash
Perk 1: ScavengerPRo
Perk 2: Stopping power pRo
Perk 3: Ninja PrO
Death streak: Final stand
Check out my MG4 guide here!

Favorite Killstreak reward: AC-130.

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