Thanks z8 for the awesome patch

We all know that there are a lot of glitches in the new patch, I won't list them all here because there is a sticky for it, but let's list all the good things we got in this patch, which in my opinion is the best one yet.

•Awesome new hero mode, I love how once you kill mutants the damage goes up, and then when they respawn, your ready for them
•we goy the dual Uzis we've been waiting for
•the new M4-E with it'd AUG like scope, which in my opinion makes this M4 the best one yet
•we got the gold Gatling gun, which is awesome at mutation mode, with it's 175/175 ammo and if you add a MG mag and mutation mag to that you will get 525 ammo in all and with some teammates to cover you while reloading and while your spinning up, you will be unbeatable.
•an update to the auto-ban system, which will greatly reduce the ammount of hackers
•the glitch where the K2, one of the best GP assult rifles, would not drop properly has been fixed
•a new launcher that is more refined and polished

If your going to come here and write about how mutation mode sucks, and how only noobs go there, then try playing on the West Server, when I first wanted to try out some mutation mode, I was disappointed by the fact that most BR's and Turks infest the other mutation games, but because I live in Los Angeles and I though I'd try to play some MM on this server, because in general there are much more low pingers, that speak English that play in that server, and the level of team work is much higher I'm what I have noticed, so if your frustrated with all of the servers give the west server a try.

Z8 has worked their buts off on getting this patch to us, and dispite all of the glitches, it's the best one yet.


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