****in' Admins once again

Hey crossfire admins out there I have a message to you and it goes something like this. **** YOU!!! You would not believe how much hackers **** me off. So why don't you ****in do something about it?? Oh yea, patch it for 3 days and then again 3 moths later! Pathetic. You know, I'm beggining to think that you actually support hackers. Makes me ****ing sick. So you know what *******s? Don't even delete this message. That'll just prove you're on the hackers' side. I mean, yea, go ahead, just delete this. Silence the people who know what's right and just tolerate the hackers. And I'm actually being nice here. So why don't you reconsider your game and ban all hackers. That's all you need to do. Cause if I see ONE more hacker... I swear, you guys will regret it.
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