7.92 Calibre
Automatic firepower: 1400 rounds per minute
Range: Minimum: 3000 yards
Maximum: 4000 yards
Devastating firepower, reliable*.
Used in second world war, Normady, by Germans as a replacement for the MG34.

*Because the MG42 was so reliable and had such devastating firepower, the allies of the German army were afraid of the weapon.

If this weapon is added to the game or is taken to account by any of the makers of the game, I also have information about how to handle the gun, well, how the Germans were trained to handle the gun. This gun is still used today.


  • Anybody think it's a good idea?
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  • Don't worry about it. Lots of the community here trolls and flames, ignore it, and they will go away.

    OT: We already have plenty of machine guns. Plus, our version of CF only gets guns which are grafted from other versions like CF China. So, it just isn't going to happen.

    However, I do love that gun. It defiantly ranks in the top 5 machine guns ever.
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