Yet _Another_ Hacker

*Sigh* Today was patch day, but nothing seems to work against hackers. Or at least the work isn't aimed to prevent hacking. I was just playin' a train match, and this guy comes along with an m16. He shoots everyone in 1 hit, and kills em, even without a headshot. Foot, 1 hit kill; hand, 1 hit kill; you get the point.

His name was:

He could die a few times, but by the time I left, he was about 43/2 in KDR.

Now, SADLY, the votekick system in this game is just terrible, resulting in:
Non-hack.ers getting kicked - though they don't
Hackers not getting kicked - even when it is clear

CF is beginning to be one of those plague-lands of SRJ's, and reporting is too hasslesome. Yet the people I have the most: not the hacker (of course I hate them though), but the people who vote f12 because they are too noob to kick a REAL hacker.

Can some heavy action be taken against hackers? Really? Like full out patches to stop 1-hit kills or wallers or tankers, or have a better reporting system, like simply a report button?


  • today wasnt even a patch day,they only added a server and thats it
  • lol i think when he meant patch day..hes talking bout the server maintnance patch today at 1AM EDT
  • oh really?lol i must had an energy drink at the time when it was under maintnance ^_^, think i was at a friend house going crazy that i didnt even notice about the server thing
  • Again, there was no patch. They simply added a server. Review the forum rules and you will see that its not appropriate to make accusations on the forum. Reporting a hacker is not that hard: save the replay, go to the support page, submit a ticket with the replay.
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