ok guys?!

ok guys please i just need to know one thing how come i cant play a game i can log in fine i can even go any where i want in the game but i just cant play the game game like GM and EM ESC MM..... please just

i dont know why i cant play all it says when i am about to join the game is an error code..... would you know what to do?...... i could show u on team viewer but i would need a gm to do that........

i did that torrent 1 time so are u asking me to do it 1 more time? well i know that i have XP and i will try the torrent after...... but tell me more info if you can.....


  • You can't play?? Okay? Why can't you play?? Give a little more information.
  • Do you have vista? If so try to run as admin. If that doesn't work. Reinstall from a torrent.
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