Miami Server, good or bad?

Everyones opinion can be used here.

I live in Florida, and to be honest, the server doesn't exactly impress me. It's the first day, and the only people that will usually populate it are the people that live in South America (no surprise). It's no so much their ping, but how rude and ignorant most of them are, and the fact I don't like seeing Spanish text all over the damn chat box.
Sure it helps them, for the average day US player, this server was just for the South Americans. Regardless it was rather nice to see my ping in the high 20s, but I still average like 67 on Alpha, and the difference isn't worth the price of playing with Brazilians and Latins all day.

Server benefits the people that live close to Alpha that want less Brazilians more then anything....

I may as well go on a picture report frenzy later, even though I doubt the GM's would like to scroll through 100 pictures of Spanish text.

...I'd love ping required rooms right now.


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