buying first time zps

my friend will probably buy first time zps hes from my country croatia and he was asking me does he need to change croatian money to dolars to buy zps or when he buys zps it automaticly does that? can someone help me with because i never did buy zps my friends did buyd zps to me.


  • QH4x0rQQH4x0rQ Knight
    Pay pal changes everything to U.S $.
  • BlindNateBlindNate Royal Heir
    QH4x0rQ wrote: »
    Pay pal changes everything to U.S $.
    but he doesnt have paypal acc and doesnt want to make a paypal acc(hes a bit scared about it (idk yet why))
  • Same problem

    I want to buy ZP for first time but im from romania and i have Visa card and i dont know if i need to change our RON to Dolars ??? HELP ME TOO!
  • JustCupKakeJustCupKake Holy Knight
    Remember, if you pay with anything except PayPal and prepaid cards it can take up to ten business days (paypal to sometimes very rare) for the zps to appear

    you dont have to convert anything
  • ax0ax0 Knight-Errant
    They will convert it automatically, dont worry.
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