Please help PIKACHU >.<

Hello all Z8Forumers this is Knight xPikachu_x Speaking.
My main account just got stolen. And now the guy who is on my account is kicking all my members it used to be 71 and now its 50something >.<
Im so ticked off.
I sent a support ticket but z8games isnt responding. if z8games sees this PLEASE CHECK SUPPORT TICKETS for me. My Account is worth a lot of money I also have/had A lot of guns.
I dont know if he sold my guns
He might break all my guns who knows. Im begging you. :(
Im sorry for making a post on forums but Im stressing and I need support.
Hes kicking a lot of my members who Might not come back.

I have a lot of people backing me up. >.>
Icedragons im sry about u being kicked, if you see this, my accounts been stolen :(

Hes really ticking me off. i sent a support ticket, but i want my account back please omg :(

I need support, please dont close this thread, i need some peace and mind, im crying bad :(
No flaming please. :(

EDIT: heres the clan page for you guys to check it out.
heres my page too.
He kicked stefan.. My best friend :( I love you steffi, im sorry


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